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It's clear that the more we feel our 'it' is out of agreement with our values, the more we feel uncomfortable and reflective of 'what's happening' in our lives. In the average person this manifests itself in many ways, one example is a mid life crisis. In some individuals where life has been conducted in a fashion which is opposite to ones values some issues may even manifest themselves in ways which affect health, both physical and psychological. Balsa has been a curious character from the start, especially with the mission upon which she given herself and the real reasons why she helped Chagum in the end. She been aloof at times but has slowly warmed up a bit to Chagum as their journey continued and even more so since dealing with Tanda and Torogai. As the winter has started to set in, but before things really become problematic for traveling, the four have holed up in Hunters Hole in the mountains where they spending time laying low after all that has happened. A single shoulder outfits are also completely in movement these days. The nice thing about one shouldered outfits is, care for a couture-type expect to the person wearing them and are perfect for any set of clothing. Danglers and good footwear are sufficient to accept its natural beauty and someone's persona. Today, between each marked fashion trend, we experience new adaptations on the fashion standards and especially routine-retro-revivals. Currently this is taking the form of spandex, leggings, 80's fashion and the neo-preppie look. Wayfarer sunglasses as popularized by movies such as "The Blues Brothers" and "Risky Business" have returned (but in larger sizes and bolder colors) and even some of biggest names of the 80's and 90's fashion modeling scene are enjoying a career revival with major fashion and cosmetic companies featuring them in ad campaigns.. There were also several takes on the trilby, some with Stetson dents, that came across with theatrical panache. But it was not just Beuys' personal style at work here. Gaytten also said he was inspired by "(Beuys') use of Models wear creations by British fashion designer Bill Gaytten for John Galliano, as part of the men's fashion collection, presented in Paris, Friday, Jan. Trying new outfit regularly keeps your man alert and speculating on what is coming next. A guy does not need a lady who is too obvious and predictable. During your time out together, spending a few minutes shopping for new items keeps him entertained and wants to learn your interest further.